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With his masterful sushi, maki and nigiri creations, which are prepared directly at the counter in front of the guests, sushi master WICKY MALLIKARACHCHI has made his way into the hearts of guests from near and far at the Table Restaurant. We love sushi, which is why the Far Eastern food concept in the middle of the Zillertal mountains is part of the extensive culinary offering at MY ALPENWELT Resort all year round.

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Sushi from japan

Where sushi comes from, in Japan, food plays a central role. People prefer to cook and eat together. The Japanese attach great importance to the presentation of food. Even if it seems that food is handled harshly there, the opposite is the case: careful handling of food is always the top priority. Especially when preparing sushi: this almost loving way of filleting, the harmony of the combined foods and the attention to detail in the creation are evidence of this attitude to life.


Wicky Mallikarachchi

Nationality: Sri Lanka
Age: 44 years
Occupation and place of work: Sushi chef and head chef at renowned hotels and resorts in the Maldives, Saudi Arabia and Sri Lanka

All about Sushi

Interview with Wicky

What requirements do you need to be able to call yourself a "sushi master"?
Traditionally, it takes up to 15 years to become a "sushiya". "Absolute dedication" is the magic word for me.

What criteria characterize good sushi?
All ingredients must be fresh. Seafood in particular should be firm and shiny - never wet or greasy.

Why is sushi (raw fish) so healthy?
Raw fish contains high-quality protein and omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, fresh vegetables combined with grains and fish provide a powerful combination of vitamins and minerals.

What is the fascination of sushi? What makes this dish so special?
Sushi consists of fresh and light ingredients, which makes it easy to digest. The dish is varied, beautiful to look at, healthy and beneficial.

Are there special creations for the summer?
Yes, there is a summer special - let us surprise you!

How do you like it here in Königsleiten, what do you particularly appreciate?
For the first time in my life, I'm working on the mountain and surrounded by snow - it's incredibly impressive. I like the people here, they are very friendly and helpful.

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