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Bergliebe Mountain Spring Festival

A Pinzgau hotelier Hannes Kröll-Schnell, who loves the mountains and lives for music.

The organizer of the BERGLIEBE MOUNTAIN SPRING 2023 is a DJ and producer. His love of music is reflected in all areas of the MY ALPENWELT Resort**** Superior. Together with his good friend Christopher Groove, CROELL.

The duo has already released several successful singles such as their latest work Croell Calling or Deep End.

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We are Susi and Hannes - chef, good soul of the house, DJ, jack-of-all-trades, hotel owner - and your hosts. At My Alpenwelt Resort, we value personal contact and look forward to getting to know you personally - while partying in the club, having a drink at the bar or simply chatting at the DJ booth in the Susi Alm. And if you've been reading carefully, you now know where the names of our Day & Dinner Club and the Bergliebe Club come from. If you don't, we'll explain it to you over a drink.



International DJs and musicians come and go here. Some play driving electro sounds in our own club, the Hannes Alm, while others come to us to write and record their new albums. And you can experience them all up close and join in the party. The three-day Bergliebe Mountain Spring Festival takes place once a year.

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